"To schedule or Not to schedule?"

That is the question?

Our client purchased the most comprehensive Time and Attendance and Scheduling application available in the market. They had hoped that it would provide a solution that would solve all their problems and make their life easier. They quickly realized that the new system was difficult to use. They determined that it would take the average manager ten times the effort to setup a schedule for his/her staff compared to the paper and pen system.
As the implementation project moved along resistance to the product increased The implementation’s team moral dropped miserably and the project struggled. Fortunately, the implementation owner came to us for help.

This situation is far too common. The organization made two major mistakes as they were looking for a solution. First, they were looking for a product that promised to “do it all”, and they chose a product that is too expensive, too complex and did not actually meet their primary need. Second, the primary stakeholders did not understand the main purpose of a scheduling application. Executives and decision makers failed to sell the idea of to their team and to explain to them the benefits of making the change.

If this situation represents a Déjà vu for you, or you are curious to find out how we can help you, please get in touch with us.