Our Story

A Center of Excellence in Business Management Software Solutions

Our journey started when a small group of highly skilled, experienced, and passionate Software Solutions consultants got together to reminisce about past projects.

The social meeting quickly turned in to a discussion that identified several common themes for many of the implementations. Some of these are:

  • Clients were not successful in deploying the solution to their entire user population.
  • They struggled with major bugs and issues that they could not solve; or were using work-around and manual correction steps to deal with them.
  • Their application support managers could not find an efficient way to support all the custom code or manage all the required updates to the system.

These issues meant that most of these companies never realized the expected return on investment for their implemented solutions.

We also shared our success stories. We discovered several key elements that were instrumental in providing the positive results. We felt strongly that if we applied them consistently to other systems implementations, that it would lead to great successes every time. We felt that we could use our deep experience to turn troubled implementations around.

So, we decided to establish Connected Gateway Inc, a business systems consulting firm with the sole objective “ to help customers to realize a good ROI “. We are tying our organizational success to our customer’s success.

We founded Connected Gateway to be a center of excellence in Business Management software solutions. We have no-nonsense approach and are committed to drive positive results. We combine the skills of the most talented individuals and our proven techniques to provide the following:

  • Successful implementations the first time around.
  • Apply our special methodology to turn troubled projects around.
  • Post production structure to support customization and regular change management process.
Our Team