Entitlement balanced or not?

“We seem to be constantly manually adjusting entitlement balances. The system does not seem to get it right and balances are always off.”

We selected Workbrain as our enterprise Time and Attendance solution. We went through a very rough implementation that took much longer than expected.

Finally after stabilizing the system and deploying it to the majority of our employees, we started to get reports that indicated several new hires with incorrect entitlement balances on hire date. We also discovered issues with employees on long term leave. Eventually, we discovered that a good 20-30% of our employees had incorrect balances.

Initially we performed manual adjustments to the records of the affected people because we were unable to pinpoint the source of the issue. The manual adjustments became a huge inconvenience to our staff and our confidence in the system was greatly affected.”

Our consultants worked with the client to review the client’s solution. After a very thorough analysis of the setups and custom code, they found that there were two major issues:

  • Poorly documented specifications during the requirement gathering process did not capture all of the business scenarios.
  • Entitlement was not thought to be a high priority during the implementation phase, and consultants on the initial implementation did not have the bandwidth to do the required comprehensive unit and integration testing.

Nevertheless our consultants provided the required fix to both the Workbrain solution and related business processes.

We at Connected Gateway have found that this is a very common issue with systems implementations. If the business policies are not complete, there will be insufficient setups and code to cover all the requirements. Additionally, inadequate testing of custom code will provide inaccurate data.

If this situation represents a Déjà vu for you, or you are curious to find out how we may help you address your issues, please connect with us.