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  •  Project Management... We can help you realize your Business Software projects on time and on budget. The implementation of a workforce management solution, ERP, CRM or any business solution is a complex and difficult process from both an organizational and technical perspective. Our professional project managers are not only experienced in project management and systems implementation; they are experts in all aspects of business processes. Our project managers can serve as a central point of contact for all involved in the project and ensure smooth transition during the deployment of your solution. They will provide support to your projects by applying their conceptual knowledge and high level of proficiency. They will help you realize your project’s success, while balancing your business processes with your available resources and technology.

  •  Consulting... Our consultants have the deep skills and advanced experience necessary to help you master even the most difficult Business processes. Our consultants can iron out the wrinkles in your business processes and systems design to maximize the use of these systems and improve efficiency. Each organization is unique in what it does and how it deals with managing its processes. It is important to understand that automating business processes requires not only the right tools, but also requires establishing the appropriate processes to maximize the end-user adoption of these tools for a true integration of people, process and technology. consultants will assist you in balancing your organizational process and technology to improve efficiency and maximize your return on investment.

  •  Implementation... We make sure your system implementation proceeds smoothly. Connected Gateway’s professional consultants are masters in implementing your ERP and other business solutions. Implementing any business system software can be a difficult process and the project can quickly become problematic. Too often vendors present their products and services as a “quick and easy fix”. Unfortunately, it is very common for an implementation project to become stuck in implementation mode, struggling for a long time before full deployment but not with us.  We are masters in translating your policies and procedures into a technology-enabled solutions.

  •  Development... Our development team specializes in the customization of systems we implement, including extension development and interfaces to other systems. Are you tired of paying too much for customization that does not work well or makes your processes more complicated? Do you often hear things like, “it can’t be done”, “it’s too complex” or “not recommended” from your vendor or consultants?  At Connected Gateway,  we do not separate the functional side from the technical one. Our developers interact directly with your stakeholders to try to understand the business rational of your request, explore the pros and cons of the proposed solution and identify alternatives, including improvements or simplifications of business processes. Regardless of technical complexities, we are committed to meeting your organizational needs and delivering the customized solution you require. We follow a very strict development methodology to guarantee the successful deployment of your customized solution into your environment. Our development strategy consists of maximizing the use of core APIs and extending the core application whenever possible to make sure your implementation gets the maximum benefit of fix packs and upgrades. We do multiple code reviews and check the code for performance efficiency to make sure the customization will not affect the overall performance of the system.

Our Story

 Our journey started when a small group of highly skilled, experienced, and passionate Software Solutions consultants got together to reminisce about past projects.

The social meeting quickly turned in to a discussion that identified several common themes for many of the implementations. Some of these are:

  • Clients were not successful in deploying the solution to their entire user population.
  • They struggled with major bugs and issues that they could not solve; or were using work-around and manual correction steps to deal with them.
  • Their application support managers could not find an efficient way to support all the custom code or manage all the required updates to the system.

These issues meant that most of these companies never realized the expected return on investment for their implemented solutions.

We also shared our success stories. We discovered several key elements that were instrumental in providing the positive results. We felt strongly that if we applied them consistently to other systems implementations, that it would lead to great successes every time. We felt that we could use our deep experience to turn troubled implementations around.

So, we decided to establish Connected Gateway Inc, a business systems consulting firm with the sole objective “ to help customers to realize a good ROI “. We are tying our organizational success to our customer’s success.

We founded Connected Gateway to be a center of excellence in Business Management software solutions. We have no-nonsense approach and are committed to drive positive results. We combine the skills of the most talented individuals and our proven techniques to provide the following:

  • Successful implementations the first time around.
  • Apply our special methodology to turn troubled projects around.
  • Post production structure to support customization and regular change management process.

Déjà vu

 "To schedule or Not to schedule?" That is the question?

Our client purchased the most comprehensive Time and Attendance and Scheduling application available in the market. They had hoped that it would provide a solution that would solve all their problems and make their life easier. They quickly realized that the new system was difficult to use. They determined that it would take the average manager ten times the effort to setup a schedule for his/her staff compared to the paper and pen system.
As the implementation project moved along resistance to the product increased The implementation’s team moral dropped miserably and the project struggled. Fortunately, the implementation owner came to us for help.

This situation is far too common. The organization made two major mistakes as they were looking for a solution. First, they were looking for a product that promised to “do it all”, and they chose a product that is too expensive, too complex and did not actually meet their primary need. Second, the primary stakeholders did not understand the main purpose of a scheduling application. Executives and decision makers failed to sell the idea of to their team and to explain to them the benefits of making the change.

If this situation represents a Déjà vu for you, or you are curious to find out how we can help you, please get in touch with us. 

 Entitlement balanced or not?

“We seem to be constantly manually adjusting entitlement balances. The system does not seem to get it right and balances are always off.”

We selected Workbrain as our enterprise Time and Attendance solution. We went through a very rough implementation that took much longer than expected.

Finally after stabilizing the system and deploying it to the majority of our employees, we started to get reports that indicated several new hires with incorrect entitlement balances on hire date. We also discovered issues with employees on long term leave. Eventually, we discovered that a good 20-30% of our employees had incorrect balances.

Initially we performed manual adjustments to the records of the affected people because we were unable to pinpoint the source of the issue. The manual adjustments became a huge inconvenience to our staff and our confidence in the system was greatly affected.”

Our consultants worked with the client to review the client’s solution. After a very thorough analysis of the setups and custom code, they found that there were two major issues:

  • Poorly documented specifications during the requirement gathering process did not capture all of the business scenarios.
  • Entitlement was not thought to be a high priority during the implementation phase, and consultants on the initial implementation did not have the bandwidth to do the required comprehensive unit and integration testing.

Nevertheless our consultants provided the required fix to both the Workbrain solution and related business processes.

We at Connected Gateway have found that this is a very common issue with systems implementations. If the business policies are not complete, there will be insufficient setups and code to cover all the requirements. Additionally, inadequate testing of custom code will provide inaccurate data.

If this situation represents a Déjà vu for you, or you are curious to find out how we may help you address your issues, please connect with us.  

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